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Paint Correction

Offering everything from basic polish and wax applications to 3 stage paint corrections. Let us bring the colour and pop of your vehicles paint back to life while protecting it from further damage.

Basic Correction // starting at $450

A single stage polish to boost gloss, clarity and shine, perfect for vehicles with light imperfections. Paint decontamination and exterior detail included. 

3 Stage Correction // starting at $1000

A complete transformation for your paint. Heavy cut to remove all possible scratches and defects in your paint. Second stage to boost depth and gloss followed by a final polish to seal everything together. Paint decontamination and exterior detail included. 

2 Stage Correction // Starting at $600

Removes larger scratches and swirling adding depth and gloss to your paint work. Finished with a final polish. Paint decontamination and exterior detail included. 

12 Month Ceramic Coating // Starting at $150

A 12 month ceramic coating to help protect your paint from road contamination, tar, grime and UV's. Makes maintenance cleaning a breeze. We recommend this be applied after polishing to further protect your paint. 

Note: All pricing is subject to a vehicle inspection before a quote is given

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